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The History of
Cape May Salt Oysters

The Cape May Salt Oyster is an Atlantic oyster grown in the Delaware Bay along the shores of Cape May County, New Jersey.  The salty, succulent flavor of the Cape May Salt has made it a favorite of oyster lovers for centuries.  Archeological evidence shows that what we now call a Cape May Salt was first enjoyed by the Native Americans who inhabited the southern New Jersey Delaware Bay Shore.  When European Colonists arrived in the 1600’s they too developed an appreciation for this delicacy.  Intensive cultivation of Cape May Salts began towards the end of the 19th century.  Cape May Salts quickly became the prize of oyster connoisseurs across the country.  Production of Cape May Salts continued well into the first half of the 20th century. Unfortunately MSX, an oyster specific disease, decimated the entire Mid-Atlantic oyster industry in the late 1950’s.  As a result, production of Cape May Salts ceased for almost half a century.

Today, Atlantic Capes Fisheries, Inc. working in cooperation with Rutgers University is once again producing the superior Cape May Salt Oyster.  Our oysters are grown in the traditional remote regions of the lower Delaware Bay giving them their distinctive “salty” flavor.  We start with a Rutgers University developed, diseased resistant oyster seed, which we grow to market size using farming techniques that optimize growth while causing minimal impact to the environmentally sensitive area in which we work.  As a result Cape May Salts not only posses a superior taste and quality, but are produced sustainably, guaranteeing that we will have many future harvests of Cape May Salts.

Our Cape May Salt Oyster is ideal for the restaurant half shell and raw bar markets.  Our oysters are grown in the clean waters of rural Cape May County.  These waters are routinely monitored for quality and meet all New Jersey Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Environmental Protection and U.S. Food and Drug Administration - National Shellfish Sanitation Program standards.  Cape May Salts are individually grown (cultchless) oysters with clean, presentable shells that are easily shucked.  We harvest our oysters at 3 inches or larger so they are a robust and consistently large selection.  Cape May Salts are harvested per your order and usually shipped within 24 hours of harvest.  This guarantees the freshest oyster possible.  Cape May Salt Oysters are now available year round.

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